Why are Tinder App Store Ratings Declining?

In this analysis I use Natural Language Processing to understand why Tinder has experienced two ratings declines between 2013 and 2022

PsyPost Summary and Reddit Conversation on Wiwad et al., 2021, JESP

Discussion of our research covering how COVID-19 may shift attitudes towards inequality and poverty.

Coronavirus crisis may help Americans remember that economic inequality is not fair or just

Our write up in The LA Times Daily Pilot about our the application of our new research to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Why are the Poor Poor and Why Does it Matter?

A behind the scenes look at our new paper in Nature Human Behavior.

TBT Our SPSP 2015 Symposium on Economic Mobility and Inequality

Videos of our three talks from SPSP 2015 on economic inequality and mobility

Machine Learning Tutorial: Predicting Car Prices with K-Nearest Neighbours (KNN) Regression

A basic introduction to KNN regression for machine learning

Does High Economic Inequality, and Low Economic Mobility Threaten, the Relationship Between Income and Happiness?

Multilevel modeling exploring how county level inequality/mobility impacts the relationship between money and happiness

Visualizing the Tour De France

What does some basic web scraping teach us?